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Think Big. Ep

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Brett Miller's sophomore EP, Think Big. has released on June 28th, 2019.

Maturing into his progressive-pop sound & style, Brett Miller's Think Big. EP, provides an eclectic mix of colors & emotions to accompany Brett's rich tone of voice. Miller purposefully plays into his vocal versatility, and Think Big. EP truly highlights all he is capable of and so much more.


Each track contains its own unique interpretation of the greater theme that is Think Big. Whether Brett sings about living out our own truths and tuning out the noise around us, or about forging deep connection with people in our lives for the sake of our happiness and sense of belonging, or even about laying everything on the table by being yourself, daring to be vulnerable, while taking pride in exactly who you are, they are all a part of the wholeness that Brett Miller calls thinking big.

- Feat Singles -

"Fire Escape"

Fire Escape 'with'.jpg

Fire Escape delves into the reality of how it feels to truly long for someone so dear to you. With the heartfelt vulnerability portrayed in the singer's voice, the song epitomizes the old adage,

"you don't know what you got 'til it's gone".


We're proud to be teaming up with

Amsterdam-based label,

KnightVision Records for this release!

"Million Voices"

Million Voices Cover Art.jpg

Million Voices' message was inspired by my experience witnessing someone I care deeply for struggle with moving forward on the things she most wanted in life. Sometimes it can be hard to help our loved ones if they don't want to be helped, but thankfully, that's where music can take over.


“'Million Voices' has a beautiful blend of instruments and sounds that touch on the edge of hip-hop, pop and electric stylings which accompany Brett's refined tone of voice." - BuzzMusic

Something Beautiful EP

"Brett Miller makes music the way it should be made…to last a lifetime.

 - Jacob Aiden,


"'Something Beautiful'  represents a mature and soulful optimism delivered with elegant simplicity

- Emilia Yu,

Washington Square News

"Though his music is pop, it is so much more.  Every song is not only catchy but it has it's own sound and its own imagery."

- Eden
Euphonic Eden

In the summer of 2017, Brett Miller released his long-awaited, debut 5-song EP, featuring his 2 recent singles, "Something Beautiful" & "Eye to Eye". With this being Brett's first collection, he strived for a variety of sub-genres to showcase his flexibility and musicianship, tackling different rhythms, instrumentations, and lyrical depth.

As of November 2017, the EP, in it's entirety, has been streamed on Spotify over 500,000 times! The EP is available for Download and streaming on any of the major online platforms.